BAUPLAST  Műanyagipari és Kereskedelmi Kft.

Plastic cladding edge

Material: PE

Size: 1 m x 4,5 cm x 8 cm

Size: 1 m x 7,8 cm x 9 cm

May be used as:

edging for garden paths, garage driveways, curved roads covered with stone cobbles, rubber bricks and lawn grid as well as edging for trees.


By cutting horizontal connections, design of pavement edge allows installation of curved lines. The edging should be installed on properly designed cover base (mirror) and secured with 7 x 260 mm wire nails.

The proposed number of nails for straight installation is 3 pieces, whereas for curved installation – 5 or 6 nails. We can provide the necessary quantity of nails.

The irrigation pipeline can be led next to the border of the edging.

After installation, the edging is usually covered with soil, thus it is not visible at all.



Advantages: easy to install, simply curved, it is not necessary to wait for the concrete to harden and the grass near it will not wither.

Attention! Perpendicular, transverse vehicle traffic on the edging is not recommended.



78 mm

45 mm






















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