BAUPLAST  Műanyagipari és Kereskedelmi Kft.

About our Company

The main scope of activity of the Bauplast Műanyagipari és Kereskedelmi Kft. (Bauplast Plastic Industry and Trade Ltd) established in 1991 was to develop, manufacture and utilize the full scope of plastic mortar vessels (boxes, tubs, buckets). The round elements (tubs, buckets without handles) can be excellently used for growing saplings in nurseries, as well as for several years of storage and to make transportation easier.

Since the early 90s we have also been manufacturing “RÓMA” single trip transport plastic crates for the export transportation of chilled goods of poultry- and rabbit processing industry, which have also become very popular in transportation and storage of bakery and pastry products. Company's financial assets are invested into product development, tool manufacturing as well as into the aim of meeting higher levels of domestic and export demands.

Thus, over the past few years, production of plastic garden edge product line ( cladding edge, lawn edge, bamboo barrier, edging for green roofs, lawnstabilization grid ) has been introduced to cater for missing products in landscaping, which have been successfully used not just by professionals but also by skilful garden-owners willing to beautify their gardens.

The scale of gardening products is made complete by the brilliant, easy to install footing grid, which due to its big load capacity and flexibility is suitable for construction of flooring, tracks and trails in equestrian facilities.

One of our newest developments is the plastic build-in rail , which is used for installation of 10mm ceiling and wall-heating pipes.

Our root barrier which is gladly used even for big investments or smaller constructions, provides adequate space for the tree’s roots however it protects the walls, pavements and utilities from the growing root’s costly damage.

A significant part of the products is made from re-processed raw materials, due to which considerable environmental impact can be avoided.

The high quality of the products, competitive prices, high level, accuracy and flexibility of services are our strengths, thanks to which we have been able and will be able to satisfy the growing needs of our Customers.

Ökrös Ferenc
Managing Director

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