BAUPLAST  Műanyagipari és Kereskedelmi Kft.

Bamboo barrier

Material: PE

Size: 10 m * 60-100 cm * 2 mm / roll

Bamboo makes an ideal garden plant and grows quickly to provide privacy and beauty. However, if left unchecked it can grow throughout the yard and become a major nuisance. Using bamboo barriers has proven to be an effective material to prevent the unwanted spread of bamboo. The smooth surface of the Bamboo Barrier acts as a root stop,diverting the rhizome and preventing rampant growth. The rhizome will not penetrate the barrier, rather it will turn and continue to grow along the surface of the barrier.

The material of the product is recycled polythene (2 mm thick), and its installation is easy. Ideal depth in the ground is 60-75 cm. The barrier can be overlapped and secured where it is joined together using stainless steal closure strips from both sides. As a maintanance each December, when rhizome activity has ended, the top edge of the barrier must be cleared.

Installation of the barrier before planting bamboo in pictures:







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